Why do you need PhotoSweeper?


Fully compatible with the latest iPhoto 9, iPhoto 8.x (iLife '09) and iPhoto 7.x (iLife '08). Duplicate photos are moved to the iPhoto Trash.


Fully compatible with Aperture 3.0 and later. PhotoSweeper can help you to migrate from iPhoto to Aperture by eliminating duplicates between libraries.

Adobe Lightroom

Works great with Lightroom 3.x...5x. On removal, PhotoSweeper doesn't delete files, but marks them as "Rejected" and puts to a special collection.

Image Formats

PhotoSweeper supports all the popular image formats. The application can find duplicates between RAW files and JPEGs, and even, PDFs.

Edited Photos

Finds duplicates with different image dimensions, color saturation, and even edited with applications, such as PhotoShop, PixeLmator, etc.

Series of Shots

Determine a time interval between photos, and PhotoSweeper will find series of shots and help you keep the best photos, and get rid of others.

Flexible Settings

PhotoSweeper provides 6 different comparison methods with settings to find duplicates from absolutely identical files to very similar photos.

Auto Select

PhotoSweeper has powerful adjustable rules which determine what a photo should be kept in each group of duplicate photos.

Safe Removal

PhotoSweeper never deletes photos from disk or media library permanently. So if you removed them accidentally, you are always able to restore them from Trash.

Great Browser

The up-to-date browser with such great features like EXIF Info Panel, Movie Preview, Quick Look, Path Bar, Image Ratings, Color Labels, etc.


PhotoSweeper compares video files as well. You can add video files not only from your Mac, but also from iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom.

Info Panel

The Info Panel gives you useful details about the selected photo, including previews, histograms, and image metadata: EXIF, IPTC, etc.

Batch Rename

You have an opportunity to bulk rename files while copying or moving them to another folder. It helps you better organize photos on your Mac.

Full Screen

Use every inch of your Mac’s display by taking advantage of PhotoSweeper’s built-in support for the systemwide OS X Full Screen feature.

Retina Ready

PhotoSweeper’s user-friendly interface is now optimized for the new MacBook Pro with Retina display. Enjoy a profesional digital look.


Well-optimized, with 64-bits and multi-core processors support, PhotoSweeper reveals the real power of your Mac. Enjoy fast browsing, comparison, and removal.

OS X Yosemite

PhotoSweeper takes full advantage of the latest features in OS X Yosemite, and also runs great on Mavericks and Mountain Lion.

Other Improvements

PhotoSweeper comes with a list of various other enhancements and modernizations throughout the whole app. Learn more about what’s new.

Easy-to-use, fast, powerful, and beautiful duplicate photo cleaner for the Mac