Easy-to-use, fast, powerful, and beautiful duplicate photos cleaner for the Mac

Files & Folders

Finds and eliminates duplicates on your hard disks or external storage. On removal, photos go to the system Trash, so can be restored.

Apple Photos

Works smoothly with Photos for macOS, displaying the library hierarchy and photos with details. On removal, photos go to a special album.

Capture One

Works famously with the latest Capture One and earlier versions. On removal, PhotoSweeper does not delete files, but puts them in the Trash.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Works great with Lightroom Classic. On removal, PhotoSweeper marks photos as “Rejected” and puts them to a special collection.

Why do you need PhotoSweeper?

Auto Mark

Intuitive adjustable rules helps to determine which photo should be kept in each group of duplicate photos.

Similar Photos

Powerful search engine quickly isolates groups with similar photos and lets you adjust a similarity threshold on-the-fly.

Series of Shots

Set a maximum time gap between photos, and the app will find series of shots helping you keep the best photos and delete others.

Auto Lock

Keeps safe already sorted photos. Locked photos are used for comparison but can‘t be marked for removal.


PhotoSweeper supports various video formats, even those, the macOS does not support natively, e.g., AVI, MKV, WMV, etc.

Edited Photos

Finds resized, rotated and enhanced with a filter photos in apps like PhotoMill, Photoshop or Pixelmator.

Great Browser

A modern browser provides you with a bunch of useful tools, like EXIF Info Panel, Movie Preview, Quick Look, Path Bar, etc.

Batch Rename

You can bulk rename files while copying or moving them to another folder. It helps you better import photos on your Mac.

Safe Removal

PhotoSweeper never deletes files from a disk or media library directly. If something is wrong, you can restore photos from Trash.

Image Formats

Supports all the popular image formats including RAW and HEIC. Exclusive support of PDF, DNG and WebP formats.

Viewing Results

Three unique modes for reviewing results: “One by One”, ”Face-to-Face" and “All in One“. Marking a photo with just a click.

Flexible Settings

Powerful settings to easily find duplicates, similar photos, series of shots. A high variety of the settings gives you a precise control over results.


Well-optimized, with 64-bits and multi-core processors support, PhotoSweeper reveals the real power of your Mac.

macOS Ventura

PhotoSweeper takes full advantage of the latest features and looks magnificent on macOS Ventura. Optimized for the new M1/M2 Macs (Apple Silicon).

Other Improvements

PhotoSweeper comes with a list of various other enhancements and modernizations throughout the whole app. Learn more about what’s new.

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